Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu (Telugu language: ముప్పవరపు వెంకయ్య నాయుడు) (born 1 July 1949) is an Indian politician hailing from Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh.
Notable people from Nellore district.
Gandhi Bomma Statue
Satish Dhawan Space Centre or Sriharikota Range (SHAR) is a rocket launch center operated by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). It is located in Sriharikota,Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh.
Nellore is also famous for quality rice production, particularly famous for a rice breed called "Molagolukulu". Other crops are cotton, lemon and oil seeds (like peanuts) and horticultural seeds.
"Nellore -Clockwise from top left: Nellore City View, Narayana College, A Ship at Krishnapatnam Port, Gopuram of Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, Nellore.
The Penna (also Pennar, Penner or Penneru and Pinākinī in Sanskrit) is a river of southern India. The Penna rises on the hill of Nandi Hills in Chikballapur District of Karnataka state, and runs north and east through the state of Andhra Pradesh to empty into the Bay of Bengal.

The barrier island of Sriharikota separates the lake from the Bay of Bengal. The island is home to the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.
Pulicat Lake - water lake or lagoon in India, after Chilika Lake.
Lord Narasimha manifested Himself here as a huge of rock in "Yoga mudra" and hence it acquired the name of "Penusila" (huge rock) and in course of time became famous as "Penchalakona".
Penchalakona is a very ancient sacred place (pilgrim centre).
Krishnapatnam Port is a privately built and owned all weather, deep water port on the east coast of India, located in the Nellore District of Andhra Pradesh.
Krishnapatnam Port, Nellore.
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History of Nellore!

Nellore also known as Vikrama Simhapuri existed from the times of the Mauryan empire and was ruled by Ashoka in the 3rd century B.C. Tamil inscriptions indicate that it formed part of Cholas kingdom till their decline in the thirteenth century A.D (Gazetteer of South India).Nellore was known by the name of Vikrama Simhapuri till the 13th century It was annexed by the Pallavas between the fourth and sixth centuries A.D. It was later part of Kakatiyas, Vijayanagara Empire, Sultanate of Golconda, Mughal Empire and Arcot Nawabdom. In the 18th century, Nellore was taken over by the British from the Arcot Nawabs and was part of the Madras Presidency of British India. The city had an important role in the emergence of the Telugu language and the formation of the state of Andhra Pradesh. Potti Sriramulu, who fasted until death for the formation of Andhra Pradesh, hailed from Nellore.. The city had an important role in the emergence of the Telugu language and the formation of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It had been under the rule of Maurya Dynasty, Kharavela of Chedi dynasty, Satavahanas, Kakatiyas, Pallavas, Cholas, Eastern Gangas of Kalinga Empire, Telugu Cholas, Pandyas, Vijayanagara Empire, Arcot Nawabs and other dynasties.


  • July 2 - 4, 2015 - Nellore NRIs Website Launch!

    By: Honorable Union minister of urban development and parliamentary affairs, Muppavarapu Venkaiah Naidu (Telugu language: ముప్పవరపు వెంకయ్య నాయుడు)
    When : July 2 - 4, 2015
    Event : TANA 20th National Conference, Cobo Center, Detroit, Michigan, USA

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